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 Little Scholars Child Care and Preschool ranks as number 12 fastest growing businesses in Louisville as seen by Business First Top 50.

Little Scholars Child Care and Preschool has 2 locations in Louisville, Kentucky.

Our first location is at 8715 Old Bardstown Road. This facility is licensed by the State of Kentucky for approximately 130 children.  It is equipped with a total of 14 cameras - 2 in each room.  And coming soon, we are adding 2 cameras for the outside areas.   We utilize air purification systems in each of the rooms, have 6 computers just for the children, 2 inside dramatic play houses, and a large indoor dramatic play ship.  The playground consists of 2 commercial grade play systems.



Our second location and newest facility is located a half mile closer to Gene Snyder Freeway at 8106 Old Bardstown Road.  This facility is licensed for 141 children. It is equipped with a total of 32 cameras with 7 specifically focused on the playground.  It has 3 hospital-grade air recovery systems, 9 computers just for the children, 4 inside dramatic play houses, an exercize center, and a covered outside play area.  And coming soon, 4 large dramatic play houses outside are being built into a little town complete with trike path.



Both facilities are built to accommodate children from 6 weeks old through early elementary.  In addition, these state-of-the-art facilities were custom built specifically for child care and exceeds parental expectations on safety, security, learning, as well as, minimizing air-born viruses.  


Parents will be impressed with either of the two facilities and the staff at each to guide and teach their Little Scholar children.  Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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